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Monthly Newsletter

The Italian Center distributes a newsletter publication on the first of every month, it is used to share news, activities and events with the entire membership. If you are interested in advertising in our monthly newsletter and website, please contact:

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Member Resources
As a member of the Italian Center, you are entitled to confidential information such as the Bylaws and the Meeting Minutes of the Club.  If you should have any questions and/or would like some additional information, please contact:

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Celebrate Your Heritage and Culture, Join the Italian Center!

We have many member events available to active members of the organization.  Our Club celebrates Italian Culture by providing social networking, dinner and dancing events and other cultural entertainment.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the organization, please contact us at 845.454.1492 or

"This is a place where people will know your name.  It's a place to unwind and relax, just about anytime.  A place to learn, share, promote, and enjoy your heritage.  A place where if you participate you'll get more than you give.  A place that will accommodate you in need.  A place that wants you and your family to grow and prosper.  A place that you'll be proud to say, "That's my Club! I'm a member!"

Note:  A regular member of the organization shall be a person of good character, 18 years of age or over, of Italian birth or descent, residing in Dutchess, Ulster and neighboring counties, and who is a citizen of the United States of America.  Any person meeting the above qualification but not of Italian birth or descent, shall be eligible for membership if they are the spouse of a person of Italian birth or descent.  A regular member in good standing shall recommend an applicant and vouch for their character.  The membership application, together with the application fee, shall be forwarded to the Italian Center.   The candidate will be invited to appear for an informal interview.  The committee will ask the applicant about their family background as it applies to membership qualifications, their reasons for seeking membership, what they expect from the Italian Center and the candidate will be given opportunity to ask any questions if they desire.  The Committee will investigate further any information provided on the application or the information obtained during the interview and if the Committee finds favorably for the candidate, the application will be referred back to the Membership Chairman.  For more information regarding the application process, please contact